Wire Rope
Lubrication System

Providing a safe, fast, efficient and environmentally responsible system for lubricating wire ropes

Australian Made Symbol

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Viper Mini MK3_65
Improved Rope Capacity
6mm to 44mm
Australian Made Symbol

2000 M/H

Lubricate up to 2000m of rope per hour

Light Weight

Easy to install and operate

Less Risk

Safer than manual lubrication

Life Time

Improved lubrication = Increased equipment and rope life

Reduce labour required to lubricate wire ropes by up to 90%
Increase wire rope life up to 300%

Who We Are

Viper WRL Pty Ltd is an Australian Owned family business specialising in lubrication solutions. We manufacture the Viper Wire Rope System in Australia with global distribution providing high-quality best practice solutions for the mining, oil and gas, shipping, marine, defence force, commercial construction, food and beverage, automotive, aerospace and renewable energy sectors.

Viper WRL Series

Clean and lubricate wire ropes quickly, efficiently and safely with the Viper series of Wire Rope Lubricators.

The Viper WRL Wire Rope lubricator in ACTION