Extend the life of your Wire Ropes and cables by 300% with the Viper Wire Rope Lubricator

Receive a FREE Viper Wire Rope Cleaner with any Viper MKII Kit Purchased

The use of the Viper WRL system can increase the life of wire rope assets by up to 300% compared to manual lubrication, leading to increased productivity, reduced downtime and can ultimately save you money.

Wire rope lubrication is an essential part of maintenance in the marine environment. The award winning Viper MKII Wire Rope Lubricator cleans and lubricates wire ropes quickly, efficiently and safely.

Wire ropes from 6mm (15/64”) to 165mm (6-1/2”) in diameter can be greased at speeds up to 2,000 meters per hour. Incorporating high strength light aluminium alloy material and ergonomic design principles enables safe operation by a single person.

Ideal for use on cranes, towing lines and mooring lines, the Viper MKII eliminates the HS&E risks associated with manual lubrication. Use of the Viper MKII provides improved wire rope lubrication by working lubricant into the structure of the wire rope due to the unique Viper seal design and ultimately save you money.

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