Wire Rope Flaw Detection


The TST Flaw Detection System is designed to automatically inspect the physical flaws on wire ropes.

The TST FDSys.P Flaw Detection System is developed on the basis of Magnetic Inductive Sensing (MIS) and Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) technology. The system is a complete, portable and non-destructive testing system for use on steel wire ropes and steel pipes to detect physical damage or material deterioration.

The value of the TST technology and solution is generated from two aspects:

  • Enhance safety and maintenance decision process by providing detailed and accurate inspection data.
  • Reduce costs of wire rope usage and maintenance planning/downtime by introducing efficient inspection procedure and reliable evaluation of wire rope working life.
Wire rope


There are 3 standard models available for rope sizes between 6mm-65mm.

  • TS-X1124 – Rope sizes 6mm – 24mm
  • TS-X1142 – Rope sizes 22mm – 42mm
  • TS-X1160 – Rope sizes 40mm – 65mm

Customised models can be developed based on the specific needs of customers. These may include extra large rope sizes up to 120mm and for environments where Intrinsic Safe or Explosion Proof systems are needed