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What is a Wire Rope Lubrication System?

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Wire ropes play a vital role in a variety of machines across a wide range of industries.

With so much literally hanging in the balance, regular upkeep is essential to keeping your equipment at its best. Lubrication is one of the key ways to maintain your wire ropes, and a wire rope lubrication system is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to lubricate your gear. Let’s take a look at what a wire rope lubrication system is and why it’s a fantastic long-term investment for your business.

What are Wire Rope Lubrication Systems?

A wire rope lubrication system is an automated lubricator designed to lubricate wire ropes. There are different types of wire rope designed for various applications, but most feature continuous wire strands wound around a central core. This design means the rope requires lubrication throughout the rope structure to ensure every wire strand is greased. Traditionally, wire rope lubricant had to be applied manually, which is a time-consuming process that can be incredibly messy. Even worse, the manual application of lubricant is often inefficient and doesn’t penetrate the rope core, leaving inner strands vulnerable to wear and tear.

A wire rope lube applicator has the huge advantage of being not only quicker and easier than manual lubrication but also much more efficient. With the high-flow grease pump, the grease will reach the core of your rope to ensure complete maintenance.

Total grease penetration for each rope strand

Wire rope lubricants help provide protection against moisture, salt air and debris entering the rope. The way wire rope is designed is steel wires are intertwined with strands wound in a central core, and poor lubrication can miss the inner areas of the rope. Poor lubrication can neglect the inner strands, which is where some of the most severe corrosion can happen. This will lead to safety and performance issues down the track. A wire rope lubricator is designed to penetrate throughout your wire rope to provide complete lubrication, improve function, decrease corrosion, and lessen wear and tear.

Faster than manual wire lubrication methods

Time is money, and the longer upkeep takes, the more downtime you’ll encounter. A wire rope lubricator performs a more efficient job in half the time of manual lubrication. The Viper Wire Rope Mini MKII System lubricates ropes at up to 2000m/hr without the wastage or mess that comes with performing the job by hand.

Components of a Viper WRL lubrication system for wire ropes

The Viper WRL systems are the finest lubrication systems on the market and are carefully designed to provide ease of use while still providing complete lubrication.


The lubricator collar is the main part of the device through which it attaches to your wire rope and through which your rope will travel through. The size of the rope you’ll be lubricating will determine what size collar you’ll need. By opening the lubricant flow valve, grease will run through the collar and lubricate your rope. Made from high-grade cast aluminium alloy with a robust corrosion-resistant coating, the lubricator collar is designed to withstand a variety of environments.


Your pump system is what supplies your collar with lubrication and the pressure to apply it thoroughly. This pump high-pressure pump includes an air regular and air isolation valve to assist with both safety and efficiency. The 4m lube supply hose serves as the delivery system between the pump and collar.


The retaining ratchet straps and shackles are made from resilient nylon material. The purpose of this part is to help keep the collar in place and move correctly. This will help ensure even rope spooling and better distribution of grease.


All good equipment needs a safe place to be kept, and every Viper WRL comes with its own aluminium storage case. Strong and reliable, it’ll protect your device while you’re not using it, making sure it’ll be ready to go when needed.


The purpose of the seal is a carefully designed polyethylene blend material that helps the lubricant to penetrate into the wire ropes. This is an important role as corrosion and damage within the rope can cause some of the biggest issues. Viper brand seals have been field tested and can work with 12,000-15,000m of rope lubrication.

Best applications for wire rope lubrication system

• Construction and Service Cranes
• Deck Winches
• Anchor Ropes
• Mobile Cranes

Benefits of using a wire rope lube applicator

A Viper wire rope lubricator will provide a wide range of benefits to your business and revolutionize your upkeep procedures.

Faster, single-pass process

  • An automated machine performs the task faster than manual lubrication.
  • Reduces downtime, which equals more productivity.
  • Lubricate wire ropes quickly, at a rate of 1.2 miles (2000m) per hour.
  • Increase availability of equipment

Ensures total coverage.

  • Lubricates inside wires to the central core, lubricating all individual wires.
  • Covers exterior surfaces providing protection against elevated temperatures.
  • Provides corrosion protection.
  • Improves rope flexibility.

Eliminates the need for Manual lubrication.

  • Increases safety.
  • Uses less lubricant but is more efficient.
  • Cuts down on leakage and wastes less.

Available and compatible

Viper WRL comes in different models to suit various rope sizes, including:

  • The Viper WRL Mini MKII (6mm t0 36mm)
  • The Viper WRL Midi MKII (8mm t0 67mm)
  • The Viper WRL Maxi MKII (up to 165mm)
  • Units can be customized if necessary.

High-flow grease pump for more effective lubrication

  • Provides complete lubrication to the rope core, inner strands and outer strands.
  • Increase wire rope life, which saves wire rope replacement costs.
  • Displace moisture from the rope, preventing corrosion.

Best wire rope grease to use with a lubrication system.

To get the most from your Viper Wire Rope lubrication system, you’re going to need quality lubricant. Here are some of the best wire rope lubricants to use with your wire rope lubricator:

Viper is the only name to remember for wire rope maintenance.

A wire rope lubricator is an essential investment for any industry that relies on wire ropes. Not only will it cut down on downtime and time spent on upkeep, but it’ll also guarantee a complete lubrication for your wire ropes. To find out more, get in touch today!