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What is an Automated Wire Rope Lubrication System?

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  • Post published:July 18, 2023
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An automated wire rope lubrication system is a device used to apply lubrication directly to wire ropes used to lift or move heavy loads. Lubrication is one of the keyways to maintain and extend the lifetime of equipment and wire rope assets.

Why do I need a Wire Rope Lubrication System?

Preventing corrosion, reducing wear and increasing the lifespan of the rope and more importantly ensures a safer work environment.

Wire Rope relubrication has traditionally been manually applied using gloves to rub it on or applying it with a brush. Using this process, the lubricant is not spread evenly and does not penetrate the spool. These methods are fraught with safety and environmental hazards and is very labour intensive.

How does the Lubrication System Work?

The Wire Rope Lubrication System is designed to enable lubricant to migrate into the rope ensuring total coverage of lubricant in the rope spools. Protecting the wire rope from moisture and corrosion.

Fast, Efficient and Reduces Costs

A Wire Rope Lubrication System outperforms any manual labour application as it is fast and efficient reducing relubrication times from several days to just hours reducing manual labour by up to 90% resulting in cost reductions. 

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Wire Rope Failure Catastrophic Outcome

Wire ropes are critical in industries such as marine, shipping, mining, oil and gas, construction and the defence force.

If a wire rope fails, the consequences can be severe and may vary depending on the situation but could cause injury, loss of life, property damage and production down time. It is imperative to take precautions to prevent this from happening and ensuring the correct automated lubrication maintenance program is deployed.

Viper Wire Rope Lubrication System Made in Australia

The Viper Wire Rope Lubrication system is Made in Australia.  A safe, fast, efficient and environmentally responsible solution for lubricating wire ropes.

The Viper WRL systems are the ultimate lubrication systems on the market and are designed to provide ease of use providing a complete lubrication solution.

The new Viper Mini MK 3 has an improved rope capacity of 6mm to 44mm wire ropes and lubricates up to 2000 metres per hour, without wastage or mess which happens when manually applying lubrication by hand.

The new dual lubrication points on the Viper Mini MK III makes this ideal for high-speed applications.

The Viper Mini MK 3 collar is manufactured from high strength aluminium alloy with a robust coating to maximise corrosion resistance in harsh environments and designed to be used for single person operation.

It’s What’s Inside that Counts.

The Viper’s specially designed seal is manufactured from high tensile polyethylene which guides the wire rope and enables the lubricant to be compressed into the rope ensuring total coverage with no excess lubricant with the potential to cause hazardous risks to workers or the environment.

Kit it Up

The high-pressure pump system effectively delivers the right amount of lubricant into the wire rope. This high-pressure pump includes an air regulator and air isolation volve to assist with both safety and efficiency. The 4-metre lube supply hose serves as the delivery system between pump and collar.

Set the Viper Mini MK 3 and use the ratchet straps and shackles to ensure it is safely secured and level for the correct distribution of lubricant.

Keep your Viper Mini MK 3 Kit safe in a robust corrosion resistant aluminium storage case. This will protect your components from damage and ensure your kit is secured in one place.

Wire Rope Lubricants

For optimum performance of the Viper Wire Rope Systems, it is recommended to partner with the Viper quality lubricants.

Viper WRL VPG-0 Penetrating Grease
  • Ideal for all dynamic rope applications
  • Offering unparalleled wear resistance
  • High water resistance will not emulsify with water
  • Greatly extends lubrication intervals
  • Proprietary wear reducing additives
  • Ideal for high wash applications
  • Will not emulsify with water
  • Will not drip or sling off
  • Proprietary wear additives
  • Ideal for dynamic wire rope applications
  • VPG compliant Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants
  • Excellent penetration properties
  • Proprietary additives: offering high wear resistance, outstanding water resistance and mechanical stability offering greatly extended lubrication intervals

The Viper Wire Rope Lubrication System is an essential part of your lubrication maintenance program. Reducing downtime, reducing safety hazards in the workplace, maximising the performance and lifetime of equipment and wire rope assets.