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Why You Should Use a Wire Rope Lubricator…

In today’s fast-paced modern world, there is automation everywhere you look. Automatic doors, hand dryers, and coffee machines are just some of the things that make our lives easier on a day-to-day basis. When it comes to the worksite – automation can not only make the day run smoother, but safer, more efficiently, and with less manpower. Our Viper WRL MKII range takes the grunt work out of hand lubrication, making it easier to lubricate your wire ropes safely, effectively and efficiently. 

Manually greasing with coating lubricants penetrate slightly, but there is a lessened likelihood to lubricate the wire rope to its core. Without adequate lubrication of wire ropes, abrasive wear can erode the outer wires and strands of the rope, which reduces rope diameter and can cause center core failure and breakage of the inside wires. 

Good wire rope lubricants applied by the Viper WRL MKII wire rope lubricator can provide corrosion prevention, reduce wear in tough conditions and provide a longer service life with key performance attributes intact. 

The top 5 reasons why you should use wire rope lubricators:

  1. Cleans and lubricates wire ropes quickly, efficiently, and safely 

Effective cleaning is essential for wire ropes, especially in environments with a heavy concentrate of salt air. Your Viper WRL MKII will aid in keeping the exterior surfaces of your wire rope clean while ensuring proper lubrication of individual wires, supporting the rope core. Penetrating lubricant by hand is no simple task, and there is no guarantee that the lubricant will penetrate into the structure of the rope. Lubrication of wire ropes provides a robust protective coating with grease penetration and when used with a wire rope cleaner such as the Viper VRC Wire Rope Cleaner can remove old lubricant and debris from the outer surface. 

  1. Reduces downtime and improves equipment availability 

Investing in a lubrication system to achieve this provides a huge advantage to the workflow of your job site, minimizing labour time and making equipment ready to use quicker. 

  1. Makes wire rope lubrication safer 

The Viper wire rope lubricator solution delivers a method of safely lubricating the wire ropes in a simple and effective manner. The Viper WRL MKII mounts onto the rope, allowing workers to keep a safe distance from machinery, lowering operational risk. Wire ropes are commonly used in tough work environments such as on cranes, ships, and within the mining industry, so the work of maintaining prolonged lubrication manually can often become a safety hazard. By speeding up the process, you will be mitigating some of that risk. 

  1. Reduces wire rope lubricant usage 

Wire ropes may fail if used without sufficient lubricant, but they can suffer from over-lubrication as well. The rope needs to be lubricated enough to eliminate friction and to protect the steel core of a wire rope, but not enough to cause slippage. A manual wire brush will not often add enough pressure to provide more than a heavy lubricating film on the wire rope. Your Viper WRL will ensure the wire rope receives the right amount of lubrication, minimizing mess and getting into the strands of the rope. 

  1. Viper WRL II – a simple and effective solution 

Wire ropes are coated with lubricants throughout the manufacturing process in anticipation of the abrasive wear that will occur throughout their working life. This original lubricant needs to be supplemented as the rope performs work that requires bending, heavy load lifting, pressure, and friction. 

Our range of lubrication systems include:

  • The Viper MAXI MK II 
  • The Viper MID MK II 
  • The Viper MINI MK II 

These systems can cover most major rope sizes and service a wide range of industries. Whether you’re looking for a more simple and effective solution for your wire rope lubrication, or you want to find out more about our range, get in touch today

Otherwise, browse our range of MKII wire rope lubricator.