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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Lubricate Wire Ropes by Hand

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  • Post published:February 10, 2022
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If we were to tell you that you could achieve a better result in a fraction of the time with zero the amount of manpower, you may not believe us! But when it comes to the lubrication of your wire ropes – the job has never been simpler thanks to our Viper MKII System. 

There are many benefits to providing proper lubrication for your wire ropes, such as a longer lifespan, safer use, and corrosion prevention. The lubricant must penetrate right to the core of the rope to do its job, coating each strand in a protective barrier. Wire rope lubricant has two main purposes: to reduce friction for the individual wires, and to prevent corrosion on the interior and exterior elements. 

As important as proper wire rope lubrication is, some worksites are still attempting to do their wire rope lubrication by hand. We’ve listed the top three reasons why this isn’t the best course of action.  

  1. Manual lubrication is time consuming 

Wire ropes work hard, and they are rarely in easy or convenient locations, deck winches, mobile cranes, underground mines, and commercial ships are just some of the most common work sites for wire ropes, with many moving parts reliant on their proper function. For your wire ropes to not skip a beat, proper lubrication is essential, and by doing so manually – you will likely need to pause operation on your site. This downtime can be expensive and time consuming, prolonging your job completion unnecessarily. 

  1. Manual lubrication is unsafe 

Wire ropes are serious pieces of equipment used in intense and often dangerous conditions. During manual lubrication, workers must scale huge heights, navigate precarious flooring, or manoeuvre dangerous equipment. Your lightweight Viper WRL can be installed and used to lubricate your wire rope, minimising worker contact with the product and lowering the exposure time to unsafe heights or conditions.

  1. Manual lubrication won’t do the job properly 

For your wire ropes to be properly lubricated, the lubricant must penetrate to the inner core of the wire rope, coating even the smallest multistrand compact ropes. This is simply not possible with manual lubrication. The Viper WRL will ensure your wire ropes are lubricated from the inside out, without wasting product or causing mess. Every gram of grease will be used to effectively lubricate the rope eliminating wasted lubricant and dramatically reducing any environmental contamination in the process of Rope lubrication.

The innovative Viper Polyurethane Seal design effectively massages and works lubricant into the Wire Rope Structure dramatically reducing the effects of Corrosion  and mitigating the risk of catastrophic failure . 

The Viper difference… 

We are a family-owned business and are dedicated to delivering innovative wire rope lubrication solutions to bring the ultimate in safety, durability, and efficiency to your work site. It has been proved across the globe that the Viper WRL MKII gets the job done while solving the age-old question: is greasing by hand or a lubricator better? In the case of wire rope lubrication, there is no question that if you’re still manually lubricating your wire ropes – there is a much more cost effective and efficient way to get the job done. Increase operational life of Wire Rope assets, reduce your operation downtime, cost of labour, mess, and OH&S concerns today by investing in the best system for your wire rope lubrication, the Viper WRL.

We are proud to deliver wire rope lubrication solutions to some of the hardest yakka industries in the world, and we’re confident that our wire rope lubrication systems and products will offer the solution you’ve been searching for. 

Explore our operation guides to discover which of our systems is the best to get your job done. To get in touch with our crew to organise your lubrication solution today, fill out our handy online enquiry form.