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Improving Reliability and Safety in Your Organisation with Wire Rope Lubrication

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  • Post published:September 20, 2023
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For many businesses and industries, wire ropes are the unsung heroes of daily operations. Therefore, ensuring these vital pieces of equipment are at their best will keep everything running smoothly. Along with using wire ropes responsibly and correctly, proper maintenance is the most important step you can take to make sure your wire rope remains safe and reliable.

Wire rope lubrication is the most crucial part of maintenance that will ensure optimal performance. Not only will it improve functionality, but it’ll also increase the lifespan of your rope and provide protection from friction and the environment. Let’s take a closer look at how lubricating your wire ropes will improve the safety and reliability of your workplace.

How lubricating your wire ropes will improve the safety and reliability


When lifting heavy materials, safety is an essential consideration in every part of the procedure. Poor safety standards can put you and your staff at serious risk of injury. Wire ropes are a key component in cranes and other heavy machinery, so any breakage or malfunction could lead to a loss of control of a large load. This could cause a lot of property damage, seriously hurt someone and unscheduled downtime.

Lubricating your wire ropes will help maintain their strength, integrity and function. Damaged ropes can be a major safety hazard, so lubricating your ropes is not only a great way to keep them in top condition, but it also provides you with an opportunity to check your ropes for any signs of wear and tear.


When your business runs on a schedule, any stoppages or delays can be a major problem. Time is money and any downtime your workplace experiences can not only curb productivity but put a serious strain on any upcoming deadlines. Missed deadlines and downtime can have negative effects on business relations and could have financial consequences. Well-maintained, lubricated wire ropes are more reliable and help ensure your operation runs smoothly and on schedule.

While it’s impossible to avoid any downtime — unexpected things will happen eventually — you can dramatically reduce the chances of this happening by staying on top of upkeep and maintenance. Being aware of the condition of your ropes allows you to better plan scheduled maintenance, thereby minimising the drawbacks.


Regular lubricant application will improve the efficiency of your wire ropes by improving their functionality. Penetrating lubricants, especially when applied through an automatic lubricator, will grease each strand and into the central core, thereby reducing friction. By protecting against corrosion, moisture and friction, you will extend your wire rope’s life and functionality.

Signs of Wear and Tear

Knowing the signs of wear and tear is vital when it comes to spotting faults early before any serious harm can be done. 

Here are some of the most common signs of wear and tear:

  • Corrosion: This is especially a problem in areas exposed to humidity and salt water environments. Any signs of rust can weaken its strength.
  • Frayed strands: This can lead to a weakened rope or further unravelling.
  • Bird Caging: This is when the wires expand and create a birdcage-like shape, severely reducing the rope’s strength.
  • Kinks: Bends in the rope reduce a wire rope’s strength and lifting capacity.

If your wire ropes show any signs of above, you should consider replacing these.

Remember, your wire ropes go through a lot of heavy-duty usage, and no matter how well you maintain them, they will eventually experience wear and tear. All ropes will need to be replaced eventually, but lubricating your ropes can increase their lifespan.


Regular maintenance is key to keeping your wires  wire ropes and equipment in peak condition. This upkeep also provides regular opportunities to check the health of your wire ropes, catching any wear and tear or damage early. 

It is best to use an automatic lubricator to maximise the effectiveness and performance of your coating lubrication. Manual lubrication is notoriously time-consuming, messy and unreliable when it comes to reaching every part of your rope. An automatic lubricator is quick, easy to use, prevents waste and leaked lubricant, and guarantees the lubricant properly reaches every strand and inside the rope core.


Any industry that relies on machinery will experience some type of equipment failure at some stage. Lack of lubrication is the easiest failure to avoid when it comes to your cable. Making this a part of your preventative maintenance schedule will ensure all necessary upkeep is done and that your wire rope and equipment stays in working condition for longer. A rope failure can lead to downtime, expensive repairs and even serious injury in some cases.

Types of wire rope lubricants

Knowing the right lubricant for your needs will yield superior results from your upkeep and rope. The application of your ropes will help determine which of the following lubricants is best for your needs.

Penetrating Lubricant

Penetrating lubrication coats the surface and reaches through the wire rope, covering each strand. This is ideal for reducing friction and corrosion and improving longevity.

Coating Lubricant

 coating lubricant provides corrosion protection to the surfaces and outside of your wire rope. It is ideal for any ropes that are frequently submerged in water.

Eco Rope Lubricant

Eco Rope Guardian is a certified Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL), recommended for use in applications on or near waterways.

Lubricating your wire ropes is essential in maintaining safety, reliability and efficiency in your workplace. It will minimise downtime and injury while extending your equipment’s lifespan. An automatic lubricator makes wire lubrication quicker, more efficient, and safer. The Viper WRL ensures full coverage and maximum penetration with a cleaner work environment than manual lubrication. 

Viper WRL is the only name you need to remember when it comes to your wire rope lubrication needs. Whether you need to purchase lubricants or automatic lubricators, we’ve got the products and advice to serve your needs. Get in touch today to speak with our friendly, expert team.