Viper WRL Maxi MK2


Fast and effective lubrication of wire ropes with diameters between 50mm and 165mm. The Viper WRL MKII Maxi lubricates ropes at up to 2000m/hour.

Recommended for use with ROV Cables, Vessel Crane Ropes, Underwater Offshore Wire Ropes, and Drag Lines.

The Viper Wire Rope Lubricator provides grease penetration, moisture displacement, and total coverage by forcing lubricant into the core of the rope. View our wire rope lubricants here.

Viper WRL Maxi
Viper WRL Maxi MKII
Rope Sizes
Viper Maxi MKII is suitable for Wire Ropes 50mm to 165mm

Why choose the viper maxi mkii wire rope lubricator

Beneficial Qualities

What This Means for you

Built-in Handles

  • Enables ease of mounting unit to wire rope.

4.5KG High Pressure Pump


  • Ensures consistent lubricant delivery across a wide range of ambient temperatures.
  • Less downtime due to the high-volume flow rate of the pump, meaning high speed lubrication of up to 2000m/hr.

Option for 13KG high pressure, high flow pump

  • High-speed lubrication of ropes allows quicker lubrication, hence less downtime.
  • Enables larger diameter and longer ropes to be lubricated. 

Seal Design



  • Excess lubrication is captured via a second seal chamber, meaning low environmental impact as lubricant is contained.
  • Seal length enables longer dwell time for better lubricant penetration for larger diameter ropes.

Metal Alloy Scaper Plate


  • Enables safe entry of broken wire ropes into the seal, ensuring the rope and seal are not damaged.

Suitable for a wide range of wire ropes –  Diameters 50mm to 165mm

  • Enables lubrication of a broad range of rope diameters with one Viper Kit.

Health Safety Environment

The Viper WRL was developed with safety and the environment in mind. When used correctly, the Viper WRL has a number of Health, Safety, and Environmental benefits.

  • Every gram of grease goes on the rope – no contamination.
  • Does not leak, meaning no mess.
  • No wasted lubricant.
  • Light weight allows for safe application.
  • There is no personal contact with the lubricant.
  • The rope is able to be lubricated from a safe distance.

Viper MAXI KIT inclusions

The Viper wire rope lubricator is supplied as a complete package, with all of the components required to get you started. Simply order the kit and then select and order the seals and scrapers to suit the rope size to be lubricated.


Viper Maxi Mk II high strength, cast aluminium collar

The Maxi MKII Collar is constructed from high-strength Aluminum Alloy, precision machined to tight specifications. The Collar is completed with stainless steel hardware to provide maximum durability and corrosion protection. The new Maxi MKII can lubricate ropes up to 165mm (6-1/2"). The unit is designed for ease of use, having handles located on each half of the collar.

Choice of two pumps 4.5kg/min output & 13kg/min output in 190kg drum size

Two pump options are available. The standard unit delivers 4.5kg/min, while the optional high-volume unit delivers 13kg/min for fast lubrication of large diameter ropes, for further reduced downtime. Both pumps are supplied in 190kg drum size. Viper recommends the use of the high-flow pump for ropes larger than 85mm.

Twin lubricant inlets

The Maxi Viper collar comes complete with twin lubricant inlets that provide maximum lubricant coverage for large wire ropes. This, coupled with the high-volume grease pumps, ensures effective lubrication occurs.

Air regulator/Moisture Trap with gauge and isolation valve

10m High Pressure Supply Hose Fitted with Coupling Both Ends

Clear lube Drain hose

1200kg Rated Ratchet Retaining Straps & Bow Shackles


Viper Seal

The Viper Polyurethane Seal is the heart of Viper WRL Systems and effective lubrication. Its unique seal design and carefully tested polyurethane-blend material allow the lubricant to effectively penetrate into the core of wire ropes, where corrosion is most critical and often undetected. Viper MKII Seals have also been field-tested and proven to be extremely durable and wear-resistant, all while retaining their flexibility to achieve best “grease massaging” effects into wire rope cores. Viper MKII Seals can last for up to 12,000–15,000m of rope lubrication.

It is recommended that wire ropes be physically measured prior to ordering seals, as ropes in service can stretch, and sizes may vary.

Correct way to measure a wire rope


  • ROC Cables
  • Vessel Crane Ropes
  • Underwater Offshore Wire Ropes
  • Drag Lines

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