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Wire Rope Lubricant for Specific Applications

There are many different types of machines and structures that rely on wire ropes for their daily operational life. Typical industrial application of wire ropes includes cranes, overhead cranes or hoists, suspension bridges, drilling rigs, winches, and mooring ropes in the shipping, mining, and maintenance industries. All industrial applications have different requirements regarding the size and type of wire rope required for effective service life. One thing that is consistent across all industrial applications – the wire ropes will have greater corrosion resistance, a slower wear rate, and a more effective, long life if proper wire rope lubrication is maintained.

Most wire ropes are made from continuous wire strands, wrapped around a steel core. Wire rope lubricants are included during the manufacturing process to reduce friction, wear and provide corrosion protection. Wire ropes may fail if wire rope lubricants are not regularly applied and maintained, from the outer surface and into the structure of the rope towards the center core.
Just as all wire ropes are not made the same, neither are coating lubricants. In order to ensure you’re getting a longer wire rope life from your lubrication procedures, it’s important to use the right wire rope lubricant for your specific industrial application. There are many different wire rope lubricants available, and it can be difficult to choose a sufficient lubricant for your wire rope use.

In this blog, we’ve broken down some of the key considerations to make shopping for your wire rope lubricant simpler.

Does the lubricant need to provide water resistance?

One of the biggest benefits of a lubricant such as our VCG-1 Coating Grease is the high level of water resistance. Made for marine and industrial applications, this coating lubricant complements the initial lubrication perfectly, giving the wire rope a heavy lubricating film even in highly turbulent water. Minimizing friction, heat, and water, a coating lubricant is a must-have for the marine and shipping industries for use on anchor wire rope, tow wire rope, tugboats, and crane wire rope. A water-resistant lubricant will aid the wire strands in staying free from friction, rust, and corrosion even in salty air and extreme temperature changes.

Does the lubricant need to resist fling off in high whip or high speeds?

Penetrating lubricant will provide outstanding protection for crane wire ropes, ship loader hoist luffing ropes and mobile cranes, due to its ability to provide prolonged lubrication in extreme conditions.
The original lubricant of your wire rope will wear down over time, and this tacky, tough lubricant will penetrate the strands of your wire rope to enable the strands, right down to the core of the wire, to move freely and avoid friction. Penetrating lubricant will cling to your wire rope and resist fling off, even at high speeds or during sudden movements, keeping your work area clean and your wire rope properly lubricated.

Lubricating wire rope, made simple…

Lubricating your wire rope is simple and effective, using the Viper MKII Wire Rope Lubricators.

Viper’s wire rope lubrication systems can help the lubricant to penetrate towards the core of the wire rope.
Extend the life of your rope by up to 300%, while reducing labour and making your worksite more streamlined. Get in touch or shop our range of MKII lubricators today.